Anonymous: Ok but you realized what you did and that you're sorry that's the important part

I know.

Anonymous: You acted out of love my darling. Itll be alright, if he breaks up with you he's stupid, when you look at it correctly this is not that big of a problem.

I mean, I guess, but if you look at it differently… it’s bad that I went over there without permission.

If someone came to check on Toby (my dog) while I was gone and I didn’t know they went but they were close to me and I trusted them, I wouldn’t be mad. I would understand, even if they left my dog outside or something because it’s an honest mistake, but I still hate myself for doing that. I had no right.

Anonymous: Hey that's not bad, does he know that's what happened? You went over there with good intentions. You are an animal enthusiast and lover and you were only worried about their dog's well being. Of course it's kinda dumb that the reason you went over there was left in his kennel, but that was a mistake that you would have surely gone back and fixed later because you wouldn't have blanked. If your boyfriend loves you he'll forgive you and it will be okay.

I hope so. Thank you. 

Anonymous: Did you really do something that bad?

It’s not that bad per say, but the situation looks awful. I’m literally in a “It’s not what it looks like” position.