Anonymous said: I'm sorry to hear about all that bad stuff, but can you tell me more about this friend?
I replied:

I’m not gonna give you the entire 411, and I’ll at least attempt at keeping it vague. So this friend of mine really likes someone who is a great friend but isn’t interested in that way. If I were to mention anything and try to prevent heartache, it would seem like I was just trying to mess things up, so I think it’s best for me to just stay quiet. I just don’t want this friend to get hurt but in this situation it seems imperative.

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Anonymous said: How are you today?
I replied:

I finally got some sleep.
But since you sent this yesterday, this is how I felt
Stressed. Dear lord, so very stressed. The show isn’t ready, my costume is still more ridiculous than it should be, a friend of mine has invested themselves into someone who told me they weren’t interested long ago and wouldn’t be and I don’t want this friend to get hurt but if I try to get that across to him it’ll come off as me just trying to sabotage his relationship which I wouldn’t do, I have headaches quite often, and I’m so sleep deprived that it’s starting to show serious symptoms that it’s affecting my health, and so on… things are just hard right now.

I finally slept from 9pm-12am and then 1am-6am, I’m alive once again! I still need more sleep though. I can still feel the symptoms.
Costume still sucks, but it’s 7:30am so we’ll see if my director fixed it in any way.
Friend is still setting himself up for sadness and I am still oblivious as to how I can help, I don’t think I can
One rehearsal left… oh man.

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Anonymous said: Is this person close?
I replied:

Yes, but that shouldn’t narrow it down, I’m close with a lot of people.

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Anonymous said: Hey bae, saw your tweets... what happened? Tell me about your day
I replied:

I won’t go into detail, but it just sucked. I’ve had a headache and felt bad all day, my costume in the show basically ruined everything, and a certain someone tends to love to make me feel like shit and I’m sick of it. So sick that I might just have to force myself to stop talking to this person entirely. Today was just bad.

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I replied:

Have you been reading the previous asks? Because if you had then you’d OBVIOUSLY KNOW THAT I WOULD HAVE BEEN REJECTED NO MATTER WHAT TIME I DID IT

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Anonymous said: I think you should go for it anyway unless he straight up says no
I replied:


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Anonymous said: Wow that's mean.
I replied:

People I know in real life tend to find this blog at some point, so I’d rather keep everything incognito when it comes to names, initial, etc.

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Anonymous said: So I guess you're not having sex lol
I replied:

The only thing I’m having right now is anxiety

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Anonymous said: Oh I forgot to ask, why did you say dragonfruit sucks? I'm still waiting on who you think I am.
I replied:

That was my way of not answering lol sorry

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